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The increase also reflects the challenges of providing complex

The results showed although the cost of locally produced generics in Brazil increased antiretroviral drugs from 2001 to 2005, the country was approximately $ 1 billion saved in the same period over contentious price negotiations with multinational pharmaceutical companies for patented ARVs . Since 2001, Brazil has been able to obtain lower prices for patented ARVs by threatening produce AIDS drugs locally. Although these negotiations initially prompted major declines in AIDS drug spending HAART costs in Brazil The large increase 2004 to 2005. The sharp increase reflects the fact that more people with HIV / AIDS treatment started and live longer. The increase also reflects the challenges of providing complex, costly second-and third-line treatment as people develop resistance to first-line drugs, live longer and require more complex treatments connected. ‘Although Brazil has saved large sums by negotiating with pharmaceutical companies, there is important challenges with the rising cost of providing universal access to AIDS treatment,’said Amy Nunn, lead author of the study and a former researcher at the HSPH. ‘Brazil’s challenges rising cost rising costs of other developing countries suspect ‘s face when she universal access to treatment for all people who work with HIV / AIDS. The Brazilian experience shows, if the international community is really providing quality treatment required all people who ,, has far achieve this important goal mobilized to achieve this important goal. ‘.

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