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Stroke in children with sickle cell disease should be a largely preventable disease sildenafil citrate.

‘Stroke in children with sickle cell disease should be a largely preventable disease, but not all children are screened in more danger,’said Heather J. Fullerton, with the University of California, San Francisco. ‘Limited access to laboratories TCD TCD screening, even in children with comprehensive health insurance seems as a barrier a barrier children children their high risk of stroke sildenafil citrate . Is dedicated. Of these screening labs may help prevent stroke in these high-risk children to be. ‘.

For the study, researchers found how many children were a TCD screening since 1998, one large study a great study, as the STOP study However,lished. The STOP study showed a more than 90 – % reduction in the number of strokes in children with sickle cell disease who received a TCD screening and were considered at high risk for a stroke and was therefore identified a blood transfusion therapy. Since the STOP trial, the current study found the rate of TCD screening in children with sickle cell disease is is six times , while the annual stroke has declined by more than half grown. However, the researchers found children living further away from a vascular laboratory were less likely to be screened.

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