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Anxiety increases symptom severity in acute mania patients By Mark Cowen Stress is common in patients experiencing an episode of acute mania and is connected with more severe mood symptoms, researchers statement. The findings, published in Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, come from a study of 242 patients , aged an average of 43 years, with bipolar disorder who were admitted to medical center with an acute episode of mania . All of a rating was had by the individuals of at least 20 on the Young Mania Rating Scale. This is a 14-item check of anxiety severity, with each item scored on a 5-point scale which range from 0 to 4 . The researchers discovered that the individuals’ mean HARS rating was 14.3, with 46 percent meeting requirements for moderate to severe anxiety, with a HARS rating higher than 14.

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The research was published online June 13 in Psychological Science.. Anxiety hinders recognition during search for multiple objects A person scanning baggage or X-rays stands a better potential for seeing everything they’re searching for if they aren’t feeling anxious, regarding to a new laboratory experiment. Duke psychologists put twelve students through a test in which they sought out particular styles on a computer screen, simulating the sort of visual searching performed by airport protection radiologists and teams. Stephen Mitroff, an assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience who led the experiment, says this area of cognitive psychology is definitely very important to improving homeland protection and healthcare. He’s started collaborating with the Transport Security Agency at RDU airport terminal and radiologists at Duke.

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