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Perception of stimuli and visual processing.

The real movements of the right hand the dominant activation of the left regions of the brain were associated with movement, perception of stimuli and visual processing, as expected. Similarly, but less extensive activations were seen with imaginary movements of the right hand. In contrast, movements of the imaginary paralyzed left dominant activation in areas with motion is connected to the right side of the brain. In addition, a measurable sensory response was also detected when she scratched her left cheek with the SPL.

It is one , often described after amputation, are an additional an additional limb in patients who experienced paralyzed on one side, after a stroke with brain activity Phantom Limbs. So-called supernumerary phantom limb , patients can usually take these elements as living somatosensory presence of an extra limb, but generally can not see or intentionally move. In some rare cases, however, patients have reported that their phantom pain or feeling objects or body parts to to see him, which means that multiple parts of the brain may be involved in SPLs..– 17 Introduced in May at the 2008 annual meeting of American Urological Association . Orange County Convention Centre – Orlando, Florida.

, Subsequent presentation more definite Owners including sphincterotomy urethral stent Orchestral injections and urine drainage and urinary rebuild was followed. Excellent discussion of the the pros and cons every option and an examination of literature gave in the depth overview of the current state of of the field.

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