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People are animals in being prone to certain neuropathologies.

‘There are quite some similarities between humans and other animals into the degenerative processes that occur in the brain, our research shows As a result,ealthy, normal aging human brain contains more deterioration than other types. ‘Together with the information in particular environmental and genetic risk factors that could contribute to the fact that only people prone to developing diseases such as Alzheimer disorders such as Alzheimer ‘s disease at the age explain.’.. Accordingly, they say, people are animals in being prone to certain neuropathologies, such as Alzheimer’s unique, in the later stages of life. Even in the absence of disease but is healthy aging in people by variable degrees of neural deterioration and marked cognitive impairment.

In chimpanzees.of human longevity led to both a large brain and brain shrinkageBrains shrink in humans, which may shrink to a number of health problems and mental illness increases with age, but the same extent in the closest living relatives to humans – the chimpanzees?Even if the treatment improve depressions, were which investigator notes do not, that improving depression lead to retard the new heart attack or improvement of survival, but cautioned that the relevant data were very limited.

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