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MedPAC Questions Spending But Comes Up Short On SolutionsThis information was of kaiserhealthnews.

The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission – an independent group, the recommendations to Congress on Medicare issues – said in its annual report in June that the government must rein in doctors and healthcare facilities incentives to cut costs in the provision of care for the elderly and disabled the Wall Street Journal reported. The panel, as MedPAC known raised specific questions about high priced imaging services that enable physicians to use than encouraging them, the possibility to punish doctors, poor care at high cost with lower payments, and whether the payments to private plans cut cut Medicare coverage (Zhang..

MedPAC report is emblematic of the larger debate: long on problems and short on solutions, the Washington Post reports. For good care. Has specific recommendations in its last half-yearly reports, but identifying wasteful medical spending has become a lot easier than their extermination. For example, one of the newest ideas MedPAC the expanding accountable care organizations that group of physicians and hospitals would provide bonuses for good care. But the report itself says savings would be unpredictable (Hilzenrath.A new protein has been identified development of development of antibiotic resistance Campylobacter, the 5 th most commonly recognized source of which of food poisoning, according to a study Publish in June, 2008 in open access journal PLoS Pathogens.

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