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Kornelia Polyak.

– Kornelia Polyak, Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts received , 27 Annual AACR Award. For Outstanding Achievement in Cancer Research, in recognition of their innovative contributions to the understanding of molecular changes in breast cancer The AACR established this award in 1979 to recognize a young investigator for meritorious achievements in cancer research. His lecture, his lecture, Breast tumor progression: the role of stem cells and the microenvironment, will take place on 08:00 on Wednesday, April in Hall A of the Los Angeles Convention Center..

”. Poland said,’I think it is a good idea to[ vaccination] to to all children of school age, but a better idea is to say, ‘ we just do not want age group are by age group,. We only recommend that everyone get? – ‘Let’s just a universal recommendation that all Americans should get vaccinated but note that there are certain high-risk groups that are particularly recommended to should get the vaccine. ‘.User Centric, a full-day course Health Information Technology Usability organizing 3 September 2009 at the University of Chicago Gleacher Center. Learning how to to enhance the user experience in Health IT , led by usability expert Robert Schumacher, techniques and answer questions about usability, such it referring discussion HIT.

Specific topics that will be discussed part fundamentals of measuring user experience, how to incorporate usability requirements in HIT development, the value of usability, basics of medical-centered design, clinical questions and example, and HIT success stories of. Accompanied have Schumacher leading usability expert Gavin Lev, healthcare usability expert Wendy Yee, PhD and Healthcare Sectors computer Shelley Myers, CPHIMS. Source: User Centric.

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