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It is possible that equol may offer a means to control hair loss and promoting healthy skin.

To date , research has established the importance of DHT in the growth of the male sex organs and given the importance of DHT in the skin, it is possible that equol may offer a means to control hair loss and promoting healthy skin. Researchers have initiated further investigations of equol to assess their potential for treating a variety of other androgen – mediated conditions. The team has filed patent applications equol commercialize the technology commercialize the technology..

‘Directly binding and inactivating DHT without influencing testosterone gives equol the ability to reduce many of the harmful effects of androgens without the beneficial ones,’said Robert J. At senior study author and professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences Colorado State College of Veterinary Medicine. Setchell novelty of equol is that it both inhibits androgen hormone and influences estrogen hormone action,’adds Edwin Lephart, Professor of Physiology and Developmental Biology and Director of Neuroscience Center at Brigham Young University. ‘We have no other to know to know these important biochemical properties. ‘.Manuel Perez promises new technology also giving research establishments and pharmaceutical company faster und cheaper way of to develop new antibiotics to fight super bugs during this period. Of antibiotic places in the same solution. A spectrophotometer as reading optical variations in gold nanoparticle solution as a sugar and proteins displacement, show the again that antibiotics powerful stops the growth of bacteria and which are not. Results may be obtained within a few hours in. Unlike traditional methods of take several days for take several days and hundreds of samples can be tested at once using this technology since the amount bacteria and antibiotic is is necessary small.

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