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Babies receiving KMC recovered from the pain within a few minutes.

Johnston also points out that the approach could also be benefits for the mother whose parental role diminishes while. Her baby in intensive care.. Babies receiving KMC recovered from the pain within a few minutes, whereas the incubator babies were still suffering more than three minutes. This delay could make the difference to the health of a very preterm baby – born 32 weeks – who needs almost constant incubator care. – The pain response in very reduces reduces maternal through skin-to-skin contact, says Johnston, This response is not as powerful as it is in older preterm babies, but the shorter recovery time using KMC is health of the child health of the child is important.

###1 Kangaroo Mother Care reduces pain from heel lance in very preterm infants: a crossover study Celeste Johnston, Francoise Filion, Marsha Campbell – Yeo, Celine Goulet, Linda Bell, Kathryn J McNaughton, Jasmine Byron, Marilyn Aita, ALLEN Finley and Claire DOMINIQUE Walker BMC Pediatrics Article available at the journal’s Web site All articles are All articles are available free of charge, according to BioMed Central ‘s open access policy. Read the rest of this entry »