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The importance of this study.

The importance of this study, have the researchers from the Institute of Pharmaceutical and Organic Chemistry also contributed that the identification of six antitumor compounds similar to 5-fluorouracil , one of the enabled the most commonly used drugs to fight colon and breast cancer today. These compounds are active against malignant cells How Caba P rez suggests fight tumors method to fight tumors ‘produces several ‘collateral damage ‘A drug can be very effective against breast ‘, but it can also affect the rest of the benign epithelial tissue. Everyone knows, current treatments for cancer ‘destroy a large number of unaffected cells the affected cells the affected cells, says P Caba? In this study, more than 150 drug researchers to reduce the toxicity of 5-FU against benign analyzed the target cells, whereby the reproduction of the new cancers or other side effects.

Journal of Neuroimaging covers all areas of the human nervous system such as stroke, tumors, degenerative and demyelinating disease, epilepsy, infectious diseases, metabolic, toxic – disorders, psychosis, dementia, heredo – familial disease and trauma. Each issue offers original clinical articles, case reports and articles on progress in experimental research, have created a , and neuroimaging CPCs. For more information, please visit. Read the rest of this entry »

All rights reserved.

All rights reserved. Funding for the Minnesota AIDS Projectchallenges The Star Tribune examines the challenges MAP faces in its HIV / AIDS prevention among MSM and African-born immigrants. MAP has some 60 employees and about 1,400 volunteers to in in online chat rooms, distribute condoms and AIDS prevention information in bars and clubs and lead coverage under the city’s new immigrants (Minneapolis Star Tribune, The full article is available online.

‘It is not sufficient to try someone as little as took assign 5 tablets per year at an increased risk for an early death, ‘says Dr. Russell Rosenberg, Chairman of the National Sleep Foundation and director of the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine. Read the rest of this entry »

The workshops.

The workshops, by Forecast Technology Group, Inc. Offers a co-sponsor, the participants the opportunity to learn at a deeper level about the latest developments in the bone tissue regeneration and biomaterials for cell therapy.

Dr. Gomez – the recipient of a BC06 Idea Award from the Department of Defense – and her team at the Northern California Cancer Center suggests that racial and ethnic differences of different experiences with the health care delivery systems , and in women of the neighborhood environments arise. Based on this hypothesis, the equality in the Breast Cancer Care Study is designed. Read the rest of this entry »

Is the best defense.

Carry alcohol-based hand sanitizer for times when hand washing is not possible.Keep personal items personal: Do not share towels, sheets, razors, clothing, or sports equipment.Sanitize linens: If you have a cut or abrasion, wash towels and bedding in hot water and added bleach. Wash gym and athletic clothes after each use.Get infections tested: If an infection requires treatment, ask the service provider a culture a culture to confirm what bacteria are are given are given an antibiotic. If you test positive for a staph infection, a culture that for for MRSA, if you need special antibiotics.. The June issue of Mayo Clinic Women’s HealthSource offers tips to prevent superbugs:Wash your hands: This simple process, done right, is the best defense.

Accordance with antibiotics: If you take antibiotics, take all doses, St. Conditions. To feel better. Not demand antibiotics for viral diseases, antibiotics viruses viruses. Taking too many antibiotics over time could become a drawback, because the drug’s effectiveness overuse over-exploitation. Read the rest of this entry »

2G Pharma Inc.

2G Pharma Inc. Reject black box warning for ADHD medicationsrejected A Food and Drug Administration Pediatric Advisory Committee has with black box warnings about psychiatric and cardiovascular risks associated with ADHD drugs.

The U.S. Is the world’s highest consumer of ADHD drugs to children and people under the age of 19 , over 3 million people last year consumed these drugs. Read the rest of this entry »